Membership Requirements

All prospective volunteer members are required to fill out an application and attend a panel interview consisting of active members of the association. If you are interested in obtaining an application, please click here.

Membership Consists of the Following Levels:

Active Member: A WVAA member who participates on a duty crew. An active member must hold a current State of Connecticut EMR, EMT or Paramedic license. Active membership is maintained by riding a MINIMUM of twenty-four hours per month or two hundred eighty-eight annual hours with at least twelve holiday hours encouraged. Any active members who ride at least thirty-six hours per month or four hundred thirty-two hours annually are eligible for the annual town stipend of $1,000.

Active members are also expected to attend no less than nine monthly meetings.

Probationary Member: An active member in training. A probationary member must go through orientation and precept under a field training officer (FTO), who will review and document a probationary member's fitness for active membership. Probationary member performance is discussed by the Board of Directors (BOD) monthly and members are cleared when both the FTO and BOD determine the probationary member is able to uphold the requirements of active membership without assistance.

Probationary members with prior EMS experience may be able to go through an "Accelerated Observer Period" wherein the probationary member is NOT required to go through the normal FTO process.

Probationary members are expected to attend monthly meetings.

Associate Member: An individual who assists WVAA on various technical or education duties beneficial to WVAA. Associate member status is determined by the BOD and reviewed on a biannual basis.

Calendar of Upcoming Member Events

Upcoming Community Events

Due to COVID-19, all in-person events have been suspended. Check back for updates!