About Us

Wethersfield Volunteer Ambulance Association (WVAA) was founded in 1956. Since that year, volunteer members of WVAA have been providing emergency medical services to the town of Wethersfield. Our members reaffirm their dedication to the residents and visitors to the town by participating in many other town functions in addition to responding to emergency 911 calls. WVAA provides EMS/ First Aid services for Wethersfield High School football games, town fairs, and other special events. WVAA also partcipates in a number of charity fundraisers and food drives throughout the year.

Members of WVAA are required to be state certified Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). What makes our members special is the number of diverse backgrounds of which they are proudly come. Many members are in college looking for patient care experience to become paramedics, nurses, physicians assistants, or even doctors! In addition to volunteering, most members also hold jobs. Some members of WVAA are lawyers, landscapers, and musicians.

Wethersfield Volunteer Ambulance Association has two ambulances at their location on Prospect Street in Wethersfield. In addition, a duty officer vehicle makes WVAA even more equipped to respond to emergency  medical calls and care for the sick and injured persons in a town we so dearly love.